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Six decades of leadership experience and innovative thinking has resulted in the fruition of Mr. Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba’s vision - quality products, excellent service, professional management and strong and committed people".

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Chairman’s message

On the foundation of integrity and reliability, the edifice of Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba is built. The aim is to be a dynamic, forward thinking business group that is responsive to its customers, creative in its pursuits, leader in its markets & family to its employees.

We believe the greatest challenge in today’s world is recognizing the potential, and then going after it. No matter how daunting the project may be, if we believe in something, then we are one hundred percent committed to it. It is this foresight that distinguishes the ordinary from the extraordinary. It is this that sets Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba apart from the rest.

When we seek new partners, we see how our strengths complements our partner’s. We then blend our local experience with their global expertise. The result is a successful venture beneficial to all those involved in it.

Our people are our greatest strength. We know that from the people stems prosperity and not the vice versa. We lay great stress in recruiting only the very best. Our team comprises of highly qualified people, all proven professionals selected from a host of international markets.

Niche. That’s the keyword at Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba. Our strength lies in being different at the same time offering relevant business solutions. It is this that spurs us on to beyond geographical boundaries, to take on new challenges and focus on whatever we undertake with single-minded dedication and commitment.

Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba
Chairman, MHAO Group


Qualitative products, Efficient Service standards, Professional Management and committed Staff are the pillars of the Mohamed Al Otaiba Group of companies today


In 1975, Mr. Hareb Mohammed Al Otaiba franchised Avis, a transport and car rental company with its origins in the United States. The company first opened its office in Abu Dhabi


Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group’s aim of setting up Office Solutions has been multifold. In line with the innovative, forward thinking, environmentally conscious philosophy of its chairman

Our Origins

The name Al Otaiba is known to be one of the oldest names in the history of the United Arab Emirates and has great effect on the political, economic and social life of the Emiratis. Al Otaiba family is considered to be one of the most highly respected families in the UAE and has strong ties with the ruling families and other influential families in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For hundreds of years, Al Otaiba were the kings of pearls and known to be a master in pearls trading in Arabia, trading with France and India with over 85 ships on the Gulf sea.


Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group, established in 1946, is one of the oldest trading organizations in the United Arab Emirates. Initially set up in Abu Dhabi as a general trading and offshore services establishment, the late Mr. Hareb Al Otaiba took over the company in 1970. He diversified the business, and the company expanded its operations securing exclusive agency rights of a multitude of internationally branded products including among others high-quality food service equipment, domestic appliances, bowling lanes, leisure and sports equipment and office equipment…

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