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Discover MAOTEX’s dedication to inclusive decarbonization and empowering the next generation in line with COP28. We tackle systemic exclusion and capacity challenges, encouraging diverse participation in future COPs. Our programs align climate education with economic demands, recognizing the shift to a low-carbon economy.

Partnered with WPEA (We Peace Environment Association), we strive to create a supportive community, implementing prompt environmental and sustainable development for global protection, and effective environmental activities.

CO2 Capturing Filtration

CO2 Capturing Filtration

Revolutionize carbon capture with our advanced nanofiber solutions. Enhance environmental stewardship, reduce carbon emissions, and combat climate change effectively. Explore innovative technology for a sustainable future.

CO2 Capturing Filtration

Desert Greening

Transforming agriculture with cutting-edge nanofiber technology. Optimize irrigation efficiency, enhance water usage, and promote sustainable farming. Elevate productivity while conserving vital water resources for a greener future.

CO2 Capturing Filtration

Cellulose Nanofiber

MAOTEX pioneers sustainable agriculture through innovative cellulose use. Collaborating with UAE University, we transform date tree waste into efficient irrigation solutions, promoting plant growth and eco-friendly practices for sustainable farming.

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Rami Al Ansari

Lead Business Developer

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Al Otaiba Ferretti

MHAO Group has partnered with nanofiber pioneer M-TEchX in the innovative joint venture, MAOTEX. Committed to sustainable development, we pioneer nanotechnology for an advanced future


Building a technology-centric nation

Creating a hub for cutting-edge tech and companies in the UAE. Pioneering world-class technology at the heart of innovation.


Spearheading the next global industrial revolution from UAE

Disseminating technology to reshape global industries from UAE. Addressing global challenges, our technology enriches humanity worldwide.

Our Expertise

MAOTEX, with a team of experts, pioneer’s nanofiber manufacturing. Utilizing nanotechnology, our ‘Magic Fiber’ offers precision and versatility across various sectors like petroleum, construction, automotive, agriculture, apparel, and medical.

MAOTEX, with a team of experts, pioneer’s nanofiber manufacturing. Utilizing nanotechnology, our ‘Magic Fiber’ offers precision and versatility across various sectors like petroleum, construction, automotive, agriculture, apparel, and medical.

Innovation at the Core

Revolutionizing industries with innovative nanofiber materials and cutting-edge solutions for business development.

Quality and Sustainability

Uncompromising quality guides our nanofiber products, meeting high industry standards. Committed to sustainability, we prioritize eco-friendly practices, minimizing our environmental impact.

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Magic Fiber

Al Otaiba Ferretti

Introducing Magic Fiber, our proprietary Nanofiber crafted through advanced manufacturing tech. Overcoming hurdles of conventional methods, it excels in mass production, cost-effectiveness, and safety.

Derived from our proprietary Nanofiber tech, Magic Fiber shares traditional Nanofiber traits and inherits distinctive features like the ‘Microfiber/Nano size effect’ and ‘Ultra-specific surface area effect.’ Its key advantage is effortless mass production, ensuring commercial viability. This breakthrough allows stable and cost-effective manufacturing of high-performance Nanofiber products, setting a new standard in efficiency and consistency.

Product Features

  • Nanofiber material can be mass produced.
  • A variety of Nanofiber diameters (nm) can be produced.
  • Manufacturing technology is safer than conventional ones.
  • Fiber laminate (3-dimensional) structure.
  • Low cost strategy through mass production made possible.

About Material Types

Cotton-like (dissolving type) and cloth-like (solvent-based type) forms of Magic Fiber can be produced.

Multiple Characteristics

Magic Fiber has an advantageous feature where materials with different characteristics can be created in accordance to the formula/mixture of the raw materials.

  • Superior water repellency.
  • Heat insulation property, sound absorbent property (particularly superior in low audio range).
  • Antibacterial property.
  • Absorptive property (waterproof, oil-absorption only etc.)
  • Filter function etc.


Magic Fiber can be applied to many different types of product and has the potential to transform industries. It can be used to replace microfiber to create products with higher performance.

Oil absorbent material For oil industry

Building material for residential homes.

Sound absorbent material for vehicles.

High performance filter/filter for business use.

Forestation for Desert.

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Mission and Vision

Protecting the global environment as it should be and passing the torch to the future

  • Established a community with the mission of protecting the global environment and carrying out prompt and effective environmental protection activities.
  • We cooperate with environmental protection organizations (NGOs, NPOs, etc.) around the world to promote the establishment of funds and personnel exchanges to quickly and effectively solve problems such as oil spills into the ocean, deforestation, and water pollution.

What is the objective ?

Through a wide range of activities such as marine protection, reforestation, water quality improvement, the spread of sustainable energy, environmental education, and support for environmental protection activities, we work together with environmental protection organizations around the world to protect the global environment.

Environmental protection activities

  • Early resolution of environmental destruction issues such as oil spills for the purpose of ocean protection
  • Activities to protect the marine environment and address marine pollution issues, and to quickly resolve oil spills from ships and coastal facilities.
  • Water pollution measures
  • Promoting necessary measures to improve water purification facilities and maintain the quality of water resources to address the problem of water pollution in rivers, lakes, and other areas.
  • Forest protection measures, air pollution measures, etc.
  • Promoting measures for forest protection and regeneration. Promoting measures to combat air pollution.

Collaboration with environmental protection organisations

  • Collaboration with environmental protection organizations (NGO groups, NPO corporations, etc.) around the world
  • Establishment of support systems, establishment of funds, and promotion of personnel exchange to realize prompt environmental protection activities

About WPEA

Environmental protection organizations (NGOs/NPOs) from approximately 20 countries are members

Supporting NGOs and NPOs in each country to carry out prompt conservation activities

  • Prompt implementation of environmental protection activities in response to sudden accidents
  • Sustainable environmental protection activities.
  • Development, utilization, and business support of environmental technology
  • Building a support system, raising funds, and establishing a fund
Global environmental protection organizations and sponsors around the world

United nations




Business partners to support and accelerate environmental activities

Collection/recycling companies

Materials and equipment suppliers

Logistics company

Environmental consultants