Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group Companies

Enabling everyday innovation.

For close to 75 years, we at the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group have made global brands and quality local products and services accessible to communities in the UAE and beyond.

We have built a legacy of trust with brands Avis, Bosch, Xerox, and Ricoh, and our homegrown companies. These include Homewide for retail, Corporate Connection for digital offerings, and our upcoming electric vehicle leasing platform.

Towards our expansion, our multisector experience has been the cornerstone of our success.

As our partners, you can rely on our expertise and commitment. As our customers, you can look forward to everyday innovation from the vehicles you lease to the appliances you use and new technology you can depend on.

We are here to serve you better.

About Transportation division

We have been in the transportation sector since the 1970s. Our much-loved mobility solutions include Avis and our latest electric vehicle leasing platform E-Lemo.

Transportation is an important economic sector in the UAE, and our transportation division has been operating in this sector for the past 50 years. In this period, we have seen the country adopt mobility trends such as disruptive technology, autonomous vehicles, and electric transport.

On our part, the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group has adapted and delivered mobility as well as infrastructure solutions with our transportation division.

We have expanded from car rental to chauffeur-driven services, bus and fleet leasing, auto repair, and as of 2021, electric vehicles.

With our extensive range of fleet, we continue to support the UAE’s travel and tourism industry as well its commercial businesses. As we move towards the future, we are looking forward to enabling greater access to sustainable modes of transport.

About Technology division

We started out in the technology space in the 1980s. At the time, the UAE achieved some of the most acclaimed milestones – setting up of Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Drydocks, and Emirates Airlines.

Against this ambitious backdrop, we brought global brand Xerox to the UAE.

The country was opening its doors to business. The Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group recognized the importance of providing technology and digital solutions to government entities and private companies so they could become more efficient.

We formalized our partnership with Xerox as Xerox Emirates, a joint venture. We brought Japanese multinational Ricoh. In the years that followed, we built inhouse capability through Corporate Connection for digital transformation and Pictruc for end-to-end logistics technology.

Over four decades, we have helped multiple clients embrace digital transformation through technology for communication and collaboration, and technology solutions based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation), artificial intelligence, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), cyber security, and cloud computing.

We have been a part of some of the largest technology driven projects in the UAE including the National Archives.

At our technology division we are committed to bringing everyday innovation to your workplaces and home offices.

About Retail division

Our retail journey dates to the mid-1940s to our trading roots. Like it was the case then, today as well our vison for retail is about bringing global, reputed brands to your homes.

In the UAE, we have seen the retail economy grow from strength to strength. We have seen an increase in expatriates, high retail spends with rising per capita income, and eCommerce on the rise, but our discerning customers still look for quality.

We are the sole distributors for global brands Bosch and Beko in the UAE. These brand partners have been with us for over four decades..

You can look forward to bringing home some of the world’s most loved appliances made with high-quality material, and manufactured with energy efficiency, sleek designs, and state-of-the-art engineering.

About F&B division

The UAE and its people have enjoyed a vibrant F&B culture for decades. In context of tourism, global F&B chains are now a part of a visitor’s experience, adding to the country’s gastronomic reputation.

We are referring to coffee culture, trends in healthy eating, celebrity chefs, food trucks, unique dining experiences, food festivals, and a robust events calendar including Expo 2020. Under the umbrella of FMCG, F&B remains one of the most robust industries for the UAE.

We want to focus on niche at the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group.

Since we established our FMCG division with our company Arabian Horeca General Trading in 2018, we have made concerted efforts to cater to discerning customers.

For instance, we think of you as a discerning customer, a person who cares about origin of ingredients and manufacturing processes. You care about how transparent a company is areas of ethical production. And you also support products that are healthier, sustainable, and natural.

Majority of our FMCG categories represent differentiated offerings with brands such as Trucillo coffee, La Romana gelato shop and premium water Healsi.

About Fabrication division

The fabrication division of the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group has been transforming homes of Emiratis and expatriates as well as commercial establishments for over 40 years.

As the manufacturing and metal fabrication industry took shape as we know it today, our focus remains custom and commercial kitchens.

Our journey in fabrication began in mid-1970s with a partnership with the Ferretti family of Capannoli Pisa, Italy, formalized as the company Al Otaiba Ferretti. From bespoke, we expanded to commercial and hospitality kitchens.

Over the years, we have built sector experience in the UAE that spans engineering, design, build, and 360-degree turnkey solutions for kitchen supplies and equipment. Based on our expertise, we advise on designing optimal kitchen spaces to ensure practical, functional, and aesthetical aspects are taken care of.

As of 2020, we have delivered more than 400 projects in hotels, restaurants, and through our fabrication division which includes Al Otaiba Steel Fabrication and Al Otaiba Kitchens.

About Services division

Services as a division of the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group comprise independent homegrown companies Bright Spark Auto Repairing and MAFS for facilities management.

Best practice requires corporates to become more resource efficient and support other strategic operations. For us in the Group this translates into working with a hybrid model where our services can cater to existing and new customers as well as support our own companies to drive cost savings and achieve business growth.

By building capabilities as a service division, the Group is able to increase efficiencies at sector expertise level and support functional areas of its operations in transportation and leverage its facilities management capacity.

About Energy division

We are excited to announce our expansion into the Energy sector, where we are committed to pioneering sustainable technologies that lead the way to a greener future. Join us as we explore innovative solutions and set new standards for environmental responsibility and efficiency.