Al Otaiba Steel Fabrication

Whether you are opening a restaurant or a supermarket, you need to design a kitchen space that will work as per the size of your venue, business needs and budget.

We founded Al Otaiba Steel Fabrication in 2019 to bring decades of our knowledge and expertise in fabrication to large-scale kitchen operations and to meet ongoing industry demand. According to sector reports, in 2020 the UAE had over a thousand hotels and more than 11,000 restaurants in Dubai alone.

In our experience, each and every commercial kitchen owner has some degree of custom requirements. For example, need to design based on type of venue. Or to consider assembly line or island style based on the volume handled and operational processes.

Using a blend of traditional craftsmanship, premium materials, and modern technology, we have completed fitouts for over 400 clients across hotels, restaurants, bakeries, health centers, supermarkets, and even homes.

Our product range covers kitchen hoods, floor drains, strainers, preparation tables, customized counters, decorative tables, shelving, stainless steel cabinets, and wash sinks, among other solutions.

Al Otaiba Ferretti

Long-term partnerships have shaped our history at the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group, and the story behind Al Otaiba Ferretti is another example of a successful collaboration.

What started out as a business idea in the mid-1970s is today a name synonymous with bespoke kitchens in luxury homes.

The Ferretti family was well known for their quality production of furniture and kitchens. At the time, the UAE was making strides as a young country with an appetite for quality and global designs.

Italian design was and still is valued for its fine craftsmanship, and a keen understanding of beauty and art. In an Italian designed kitchen, you will find elements of luxury, sophistication, and tradition as well as intricate details from floors to furniture. Italian kitchens are both beautiful and welcoming.

Al Otaiba Ferretti designs, builds, and installs bespoke kitchens and cabinetry including wardrobe and vanities. We have served members of the UAE ruling families, senior government officials as well influential people in the country, designing more than 100 kitchens in their homes.

Al Otaiba Kitchens

As trade, tourism and hospitality grew in the UAE since the mid-1970s so did the demand for kitchen supplies and equipment to cater to the end consumers. From the airlines to hotels and construction companies, providing food required significant investment in the form of commercial kitchens to support growing workforces and their guests.

Since the beginning, Al Otaiba Kitchens has provided a range of products and services for numerous clients. Specializing in fitout of commercial catering and refrigeration equipment, we take care of the entire process. We provide consultative design, manufacture, supply, install as well as train and offer after-sales support.

Our clients include:

  • Hotels, restaurants, and catering facilities. 
  • Institutions, schools, universities, and hospitals. 
  • Airports, military bases, and shopping malls.