UAE officially joins the global club of nanofibre production

Featured in Khaleej Times -

Published: Sun 10 Dec 2023, 3:59 PM

Heralding a new era in the UAE’s industrial landscape through bringing the world’s only nanofibre mass production technology to the region and in a move towards sustainable innovation, Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba (MHAO) Group, an Emirati leading entity in the UAE’s industrial landscape, established a joint venture with Japan’s M-TEchX, to establish MAOTEX, the first nano fibre producer in the region.


“The UAE officially joins the global club of nanofibre production via the debut of Maotex, a joint venture we have established with M-TEchX. By combining the expertise of MHAO Group and M-TEchX, we aim to propel the nation into a technology-driven future, starting with the introduction of nanofibre mass production technology,” says Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba, Chairman of MHAO Group and Co-founder of MAOTEX.

The partnership between MHAO Group and M-TEchX sets the stage for the introduction of nanofibre mass production technology in the UAE. Maotex aims to be a catalyst for a nascent industry, contributing to the country’s journey towards becoming a technology-driven powerhouse.

“The collaboration with MHAO Group is a strategic step towards globalizing our nanofibre technology. Through Maotex, we bring the world’s only nanofibre mass production technology to the UAE, making strides in both technological innovation and environmental sustainability,” says Hiroyoshi Sota, CEO of M-TEchX Group and CEO of Maotex.

The flagship product of Maotex, ‘Magic Fibre’, is set to revolutionize the oil & gas sector. Unlike other products in the market, Magic Fibre has the distinctive ability to absorb oil without dripping and selectively absorb only oil, excluding water. This innovation has proven its efficacy in major global disasters, earning accolades such as the Japanese Minister of Environment Award. Notably, it has been successfully employed in large-scale oil spills in Saga, Japan (2019), Mauritius (2020), and the Philippines (2023). This groundbreaking technology not only addresses oil spill disasters but also finds applications across various industries utilizing oil, promising a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and contributing to carbon offset initiatives.

Maotex is in the process of company establishment following the recent signing of the joint venture agreement. The venture’s commitment to sustainability is underscored by its participation in COP28, aligning with the UAE’s dedication to environmentally conscious practices.


The Maotex joint venture marks a pivotal moment in the UAE’s technological landscape, aligning seamlessly with the country’s ambitious sustainability goals. With a resolute focus on nanofibre mass production technology and the revolutionary ‘Magic Fibre’ product, Maotex stands as a hub of innovation and environmental responsibility. As the UAE embarks on its Net Zero 2050 strategic initiative and designates 2023 as the Year of Sustainability, Maotex is at the forefront, contributing significantly to the realization of a greener, more sustainable future for the region. The joint venture not only signifies a leap forward in technological prowess but also exemplifies the commitment to achieving a harmonious balance between industrial development and environmental stewardship.